How do I raise an issue with the documentation?

If there is an error or something missing, please raise an issue so that we can fix it. The documentation is maintained here in github . Its current issues are listed here. If the issue you’ve found is not already listed, you can follow this guide to raise a new issue.

How do I add a document to FluxDoc?

  1. Try to convert your document into plain text. Where formatting is essential, use restructured text.
  2. For images or video, you can add the files and link them in the plain text.
  3. If you have any problems or difficulty add an issue describing your problem.


Avoid the temptation to link word documents, pdfs or spreadsheets if at all possible. Word documents and pdfs can be converted to plain text which makes them searchable and allows their automatic publication in a variety of formats (including html, epub, latex etc.).

Spreadsheets may be included as CSVs

How do I change a document or the structure of the documents?

This documentation is a collection of restructured text files organized and presented using Sphinx.

Simple corrections and modifications may be made by selecting “Edit on GitHub”, substantial changes can be cumbersome. To work with the documentation, you ideally need a local installation and familiarity with:

How do I publish a document change to the website?

You don’t have to. Accepted pull requests and commits to the master branch on the main repository are automatically published. This process may take a few minutes.

How do I convert a formatted document into restructured text?

  • pandoc converts many formats into restructured text. Some manual tweaking may be required.
  • If there are images or related files, these can be copied into the local document folder so that they are included in the repository.
  • If there are a lot of associated images, it is best to replace the document with a folder and place the original document content in index.rst within the folder and add the images to the folder.