Member Revocation Requests

Sometimes members will request via email that they revoke their membership. Often this will happen after sending out an email (say the newsletter, etc).

As per the constitution:

  • Members are required to revoke their own membership
  • Leadership, steerco members, secretaries, etc do not have the constitutional authority to revoke memberships[1].

If a member requests a revocation in this way, you should reply with something like the following:

Hi Bruce (or Marline, or whomever),

I would like to revoke my membership.

No worries. Unfortunately I can’t do that for you via an email request.

You’ll need to revoke your membership yourself via your member details page. (You can read about this in our FAQ here:

I’ve copied and pasted it for convenience:

How can I revoke my membership?

There is a button on your user details page in red at the bottom. All you need to do is click that. You were emailed a link to your user details when you joined, from the Flux Membership Robot.

As per the constitution, you cannot revoke your membership via email.

Where is my member details page?

Your member details link is sent to you when you first sign up. If you need it to be sent again, you can do so here.

If you need any assistance please don’t hesitate to get back in touch.

Cheers, Max (or your name)


[1] : Technically leadership can (in extreme) circumstances revoke someone’s membership. Check the constitution for more. It’s a PITA by design.