Flux Technical Roadmap

This respository is for:

  • Discussion of Flux tech docs and plans
  • A place for people to openly criticise and contribute to the Flux roadmap and its implementation
  • A place to discuss the direction, intention, and implementation of the roadmap

Contribution and Guidelines

To contribute the easiest way is through the GitHub interface. You can create and edit documents, comment on issues, etc. You should submit a pull request to have something added or changed. (When you do this a copy of this repository will be made on your account with your changes. A **pull request* is a request to ‘pull’ your changes into the main repository.)*

  • All questions/discussion should be initiated by creating a new issue
  • The purpose of this repository is as stated above - please keep this in mind when participating
  • Use tags where possible to identify questions into some of the common categories
  • Meta conversation is allowed (e.g. discussion of these guidelines)
  • Quote the important bit of what you’re replying to unless they’re within a few posts above you
  • Mention people when you reply to them (using @username, e.g. @XertroV)
  • Use Markdown for writing documents/comments - guide - seems good, cheatsheet,

Contribution Guidelines

See Contributing.md (TODO)

Near Term Roadmap

  • [ ] - Figure out community discussion forums - #1
  • [ ] - Add Contributing.md - #4
    • Sources of ideas: Fallible Ideas - not 100% applicable but good foundation, ThoughtBot code of conduct - note: would prefer to just allow discussion of conduct w/o going to authority-based extremes; simple and non-authoritarian is good
  • [ ] - Build community into repository control
    • [ ] - Build a small team of 5 core maintainers. Progress: 1/5
  • [ ] - Add and maintain TechJournal.md
  • [ ] - Lay out ideas for the website + membership backend
  • [ ] - Lay out ideas for longer term blockchain solution + oracles
  • [ ] - Document current tech stack + setup - #2
  • [ ] - Open source membership backend - #3
  • [ ] - Rebuild membership interface (ideally