Member Guide


Note: This guide for members is a work in progress

If you can’t find answers here, please check our old FAQ.

Common Questions

Where is my membership page?

Your member details link is sent to you when you first sign up. If you need it to be sent again, you can do so here.

How do I opt out of SMSs?

This is as simple as checking the “SMS Opt Out” box on your membership details page. You’ll need to ensure you save your membership options.


Membership details are confidential. Membership details will be exclusively used for party business, and never sold or willfully disclosed. Access to relevant members’ private details is granted to the respective registered officers of the Federal and state branches for the purposes of registration only. Access to contact details, first names, suburbs, and postcodes is granted to members of Steering Committees responsible for communication with members. Addtionally Max has access to the full membership database as he administers it. Registered officers can be found on the respective party lists maintained by all electoral commissions.